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Professional Custom Packaging Design in Exton, PA

Boxes, Protective Package in Exton, PA

Make your packaging stand out with our professional custom packaging design in Exton, PA. Our corporate mission is to provide protective packaging with a cost-effective design, manufactured to the highest quality, delivered on time, every time.

We treat every request as a challenge. Our highly experienced packaging engineers are fully equipped to meet all of your design needs. Your packaging should be both economical and functional. That’s why we work closely with our customers on every project. We’re here to serve your specialized standards, and your complete satisfaction is our priority. Whether you have a request to work from scratch or you just need recommendations on an existing design, we do it all.

Our Carefully Curated Services

Here at Packaging Technology, Inc., we’re problem solvers. We strive to ensure all of our clients make us their primary custom packaging supplier. With our variety of options available, we’re routinely chosen despite the small scale of our operations. That’s because we use only the highest quality, cost-effective materials in all of our designs. Your products will be kept safe in our packaging. We provide designs to suit your packaging needs, from corrugated containers to wooden knockdown crates.

We offer a wide variety of design choices, so you’ll always find an option that fits what you’re looking for. Save yourself the stress of finding a designer that will create the perfect custom packaging that you envision, and choose the supplier that will get your project completed and delivered on time.


About Us

Since 1983, we’ve put our decades of experience to work on in-house fabrication and crafting for custom shipping containers, multi-directional pallet cushions, and more. All of our protective wood crating and packaging is crafted on-site by experienced engineers for direct delivery to your location. Short and high run production is available in various sizes and thicknesses, and our materials meet strict standards for both.

We pride ourselves on problem-solving for any business that manufactures a product. Over our years in business, we’ve worked with industries like:

• Electrical Equipment

• Electronic Equipment

• Medical Products

• Dental Products

• Pharmaceuticals

• Machine Tools

• Retail Tools

Easy Custom Packaging for Any Business

Getting what you need from us is simple since we offer quick and complimentary evaluations. We love serving major industries and their specialized needs. Even the trickiest and most specific of packaging problems are fine for us. No matter what’s being shipped or where it’s going, we’ll find a way to get it there safely. Packaging is all we do, so you can bet we do it well.

Corrugated containers and shipping products like ours can be excellent for profits. Seeing the lengths you go to safeguard inventory gives customers and partners confidence in you, not to mention more incentive to do business with your company. All of this is on top of the money you’ll save by not having to compensate for goods damaged in transit.

We Work With Current Product Packaging Too

Much of our assignments involve creating new models, but they don’t all have to be new. We can also review an existing design and make recommendations for it with sketches and visuals at your request.

Our experts work with you through all development phases, offering input along the way. Sometimes we can even do prototypes, so you’re guaranteed a working solution. We’re as invested in your product as you are and willing to put in the extra effort to keep it safe for the journey.

You Can Trust Us

We say what we make and make what we say. Packaging Technology, Inc. holds to rigid, regulated specifications to provide the best possible product. An outside firm audits us every year. They check all of our records and ensure all procedures and policies are by the book.

Contact us us to get a free custom packaging design evaluation. We proudly serve clients in Exton, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas.

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