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Pallet Cushions & Corrugated Containers in Exton, Pennsylvania

Packaging Technology, Inc. proudly provides corrugated containers along with pallet cushions to better serve the shipping needs of the Exton, Pennsylvania, community.

Pallet Cushions
Packaging Technology, Inc. features a product called a pallet cushion that is used inside the package when you have shock and vibration resistance. It is used mainly in heavy weight packaging. Pallet cushions are perfect for super sensitive equipment. In addition, we do crating work, including large boxes and floating pallets. Our in-house woodshop and carpenters build custom crates to better assist your shipping needs.

Pallet, Pallet Cushions in Exton, PA

Corrugated Containers
We short run, which mean we will run 500 boxes. There is no need to order 5,000 boxes. In certain cases with other companies, you cannot get a special size or special quantity. Packaging Technology, Inc. allows to custom order how much you need, when you need it. 

Multi-Directional Pallet Cushioning
Our crew creates different models of pallet cushions that suit different requirements for certain customers. There are 8 different models that range from 30 pounds to 300 pounds per shock mount. The engineering department crafts the product. We then further network with the engineers on how to use the pallet cushion. For example, if your shipment weighs 300 pounds, you will need a pallet to support certain amounts of gravity and shock waves that go through the product.

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